President's Message No. 7, from Finland

September 12, 2011, yellow leaves'moon, Finland
President's Message No. 7

Organized by the Organization Aborigin

Hello, you who are involved in the Young People's Planet movement in Africa, Europe or America.
Once again, your Transnational representative has a chance to talk to you all and this time it is from a Nordic country, Finland.

The tour in Finland will be manifold: The first big goal will be first to take this opportunity to highlight the ancient cultures, particularly in representing the people of Quebec Métis-Wabanaki. My brother Yovan Nagwetch, who lives in Finland for many years is the President of Aborigin and local ambassador of our culture. Moreover, it is also a founder of the Young People's Planet movement in 1985. This representation will be through the installation of a goôom (tipi) in school yards. In this space, we will make an animation with a Native American tale told by Jaana Eelamis, followed by a Wabanaki craft workshop made by Sophie Mimelistag and a few songs Wabanaki sung by Yovan Nagwetch, Sophie Mimelistag and myself.

I take this opportunity to remind you that the movement of Young People's Planet was born in Italy, and toured several European countries, including Finland. During this walk, a tree was planted for each kilometer in collaboration with many European organizations advocating for the environment. From 1985 to 1995, activities of the Young People's Planet continued in European soil.
So this return to Finland, more than 15 years later for me, is somehow a return to the source of the movement.

The second major purpose of this tour is how to create links between schools in Finland and antennas YPP around the world to create links and cultural exchanges, and logistics practices. This might be a chance that young people support young people directly .Youth that would support the youth! What can t we have has a better dream of social, human and environmental development?

The third major goal of this tour is to observe and learn the techniques of environmental management that Finland managed to set up a long time ago and that are at the forefront of all forestry in the world. If we coudl inspire ourself from a few of these techniquesit would be to our benefit, regardless of the context in which in what environment and climate we are.

Let's follow the example of Finland and let's protect our so precious nature!
See you soon! Nakemiin!

Riel Huaorani
President of Young People's Planet Transnational

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